HMS High School Bowler - rolls 300 game at State Tournament

On Wed. February 21st, three of HMS High School bowlers, who qualified to go to the State Bowling Tournament, participated in the Individual Games Event in Waterloo, Iowa at the Cadillac XBC Lanes.  Those boys were Jack Mastbergen, junior, Caleb Aaron, sophmore, and Eli Mastbergen, freshman.  

The event requires the boys to bowl 3 games to qualify into the top 8 bowlers.  They they are bracketed by their scores and from there it is a step ladder event to get to the Champion.  

Jack Mastbergen qualifed 3rd in the top 8 eight, with scores of 179, 248 & his last game was a thrilling 300 perfect game for a total of 727 series.  
Jack was the only bowler this year to score a perfect game in the individual tournament this year!  This was his first 300 game! Jack finished 5th in the state in Class 1A!