Boards and Commissions


2021 Listing of Board and Commission Members

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Hartley Public Library Board Trustees

The Library Board meets at 9:00 a.m. on the third Thursday of every month, excluding August at 91 First Street. SE.

Board members (six-year terms)(July terms):

Jean Johnson (7/1/2026) - President
Dave Petersen (7/1/2028)
Dee Kolpin (7/1/2028)
Kathy Wacker (7/1/2023)
Dave Vander Broek (7/1/2024)

The library is directed by Heather Skoglund. Council representatives to the library board are Mary Westphalen and Jerry Olson. 

Contact information:

Planning and Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission meets as needed.

Zoning Officer:  Phil Sweeney (12/31/2023)

Board Members (five-year terms)

Candy Ruschmann  (1/1/2026)
Robert Young (1/1/2026)
Mike Schwein (1/1/2027)
Anton Klein (1/1/2028)
Kent Billings (1/1/2028)

Sherry Bootsma (1/1/2025) - Board of Supervisor Representative
Randy Menke (1/1/2025) - Rural Representative

Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment meets on an as needed basis:

Board Members (five-year terms):

Keith Stoltz (1/1/2026)
Kirk Wescott (1/1/2026)
Glenda Norton (1/1/2026)
Denise Nurse (1/1/2027)
Howard Borchard (1/1/2024)

Mark Schulz (1/1/2025) - Board of Supervisor Representative
Don Brockman (1/1/2025) - Board of Supervisor Representative

Park and Recreation Board 

The Park Commission meets on an as needed basis:

Members of the commission (three-year terms):

Laura Mohni  (12/31/2024)
Kaity Pedley  (12/31/2025)
Jena Steuben (12/31/2025)


S&H Sanitation Council Representative

Ron Hengeveld

The Community Agency Representative (6-year term)

Steve Leng (7/1/2027)

TCA Programming Representative (2-year term)

Ed Robinson (7/1/2024)

Northwest Iowa Regional Housing Trust Agency Representative (5-year term)

Sheri Tewes (12/31/2023)

Northwest Iowa Area Solid Waste Agency Representative (annual term)

Jaron Benz (2023)
Ron Hengeveld - alternate (2023)