Hartley Economic Development Corporation Mission 


“The mission of the Hartley Economic Development Committee is to create, maintain, and implement a business climate that fosters a strong economic community, develop a strategic plan that will result in business retention and attraction, and maintain the quality of life that characterizes Hartley as the community of choice in which to shop, live and learn."

HEDC Board Members

Steve Leng, President Rob Jacobs - Vice President
Casey Connor Patrick Carlin
Dr. Jill Kunzmann Steve Prins
Andy Schierholz,  
Marjean Westerman, Secretary/Treasurer  
Advisory Board:  Roxann Swanson


HEDC Improves Appearance of Community

In 2002 HEDC set out to improve the appearance of the community.  They continue to do so several years later.   HEDC recognizes that people won't come to your community if you don't work on keeping it clean and attractive.   The abandoned buildings code has supplied the leverage needed to accomplish what had seemed to be impossible in 2002.   Along with the council's support, the Municipal Enforcement Officer and area citizens, we eliminated six abandoned properties.   We are so pleased with the citizens who have stepped up and purchased the properties.  They have taken on the burden of performing the demolition which saves the taxpayers a great deal of money.   These citizens are to be commended for spending their money to improve their community.   Thank you to all who have participated in this program.  You've done a tremendous job. 


HEDC Offering Central Avenue Incentive Grant
Hartley Economic Development Corporation is offering a $2000 business grant to potential entrepreneurs who locate a business in an empty building, partial building, or who purchases an existing business on Central Avenue from 10 South Central Avenue to 185 South Central Avenue on both east and west side of the street.
The business incentive is for start-up costs such as utilites, advertising, insurance premiums and rent.  You must have purchased the building or have a rental agreement for a minimum of one year.
For more information or an application, contact HEDC Secretary Marjean Westerman at (712) 928-2449, Steve Leng at (712) 928-6815, or Andy Schierholz at (712) 928-2653.  An application for a grant must be submitted to and approved by HEDC.
HEDC reserves the right to approve or deny any application, and all applications are based on availability of funds.

HEDC Incentives

HEDC has incentive for Contractors/Developers in Hartley.

HEDC is offering $5000 to developers building a single family spec home in Hartley.

HEDC is offering $5000 per lot not exceeding $10,000 per project for Multi-family dwelling in Hartley if using 2 or more lots.

HEDC will give contractor up to $200 per month for utilities per Hartley spec building project during construction.

HEDC will reimburse up to 2% per month for interest paid during construction period up to 9 months if developer uses a Hartley bank on these projects.